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The Top Ten CSR Reports of 2011

Filed under: Sustainability — admin @ 8:38 am December 28, 2011
How can I not write this post? Any respectable blogger has to write a post about the best of 2011. It’s part of our license to operate. It’s about professional integrity. It’s in our job description. Even though I did cover 2011 in Retrospect in a post for CSRwire, CSR Reporting is in a class all of its own. The Top Ten CSR Reports of 2010 got quite a lot of hits – in fact it was the fourth most popular post of all time on this blog.

During 2011, I have written about hundreds of CSR Reports (and not written about thousands more). I have formally reviewed reports on, Ethical Corporation and Sustainable Business Forum. Here’s the list of all my reviews – it’s almost up to date :).

What makes a report an outstanding report, for me?

 I look for three things. I call it the AIM Reporting Model (hah, just invented that, sounds considered, right?)  AIM for Authenticity, Impacts and Materiality.

Authenticity: I look for whether the company has reported in an honest way, using stakeholder voices to supplement performance data. Authenticity for me includes balance, accuracy and completeness. I look for targets and progress against stated targets.
Materiality: I look for whether the company has clearly defined the most important issues for the company and its stakeholders and defined the way in which those issues have been identified and prioritized. Reporting materiality should also include a certain amount of contextual information which can assist us in understanding the issues and why they are material.
Impacts: I look for whether the company identified impacts rather than just presenting a shopping list of activities. This means discussing the outcomes of what was achieved. The outcomes are the achevement, not the activities. This is by far the most difficult thing for companies to address and very few, if any, do it well.

So, with AIM in mind, here are the reports that stand out for me in 2011, in no particular order:
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