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Intranet Best Practice Check List

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If you try to order these 12 activities then the sequential order would be:

1. Get an intranet sponsor

Their involvement can be crucial in helping you get things done or decisions made. They can act as your ally in giving clear and decisive intranet leadership.  The intranet sponsor may also have a dual role and also be a key stakeholder.

2. Define SMART objectives for the intranet

Ask and answer the questions – “Why is the intranet there?” and “How will we know if the intranet is a success?”  This can be done in discussion with the sponsor and in conjunction with the stakeholders, but it shouldn’t be a once and for all activity.  There is benefit in revisiting and refining the objectives, particularly after concluding the activities undertaken in step 3 and 4.

3. Observe end users

In the belief that an essential intranet is a key working tool it has to be of use and benefit to end users.  To that end you need to be aware of how people across the organisation work.  What are their daily tasks, what information do they need to help them make decisions and how do they source it.  While surveys can help this, it is only through heuristic observation that you get a clear picture.

4. Determine user expectations

While getting this information you will offer no guarantee of everything being delivered but it will help you uncover the “must have” elements as well as the “would like to have” ones.  It can help you make decisions on what features and content should be prioritised for the intranet launch, and what can follow on as part of the intranet evolution (see step 12)

5. Compile content inventory

Having observed and interviewed users as the information and task expectations you can list the content you currently have and assess what content needs to be on the new intranet.  Is current content fit for purpose, is it accurate, relevant and valued? As a rough guide it is not uncommon to cull 25% of existing.

6. Promote the intranet

In fact this is something that has already began, as during steps 3 and 4; observation and interviews you will have mentioned the new intranet and hopefully begun to enthuse people that something better is coming.  As well as word of mouth and informal promotion it can also be the first marketing activity.  A teaser campaign to build anticipation for the new intranet could be one of the first obvious marketing activities for the new intranet. It could be focused around a naming competition (see step 10.)

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