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7-point blueprint for building a social intranet

Filed under: Intranets — admin @ 9:44 am July 14, 2011

1: Start with an inspiring vision: the value of a collaborative culture

Shared vision for collaborative culture: Many new employees had used social software within other companies and were keen to see it at MD Physician Services. The company itself went through a three-year business transformation process which left Executives and staff at every level thinking about collaboration and communication.

Codename “groundswell”: This unofficial name for the intranet project emerged out of many employees’ shared passion for and value of a truly collaborative culture.

Must respect & value colleagues: As intranet manager William Amurgs said in a previous post from this series, a good intranet is rooted in respect for employees. Tanis told me:

We really do believe that the contributions of everybody in the organization are important. Their knowledge, backgrounds, skills – what employees can collectively contribute to products, services and ideas is much greater than the sum of the parts. When we can bring to bear the best thinking we’ve got as a group, that gives the best outcomes for our members.

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