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3 Variables of Corporate Culture – What You Believe, Say, and Do

Filed under: Employee Engagement — admin @ 10:23 am March 2, 2012

A positive culture in which employees are focused and productive, behaving in ways the organization wants while delivering on strategic objectives (which is the definition of employee engagement, by the way), does not happen by accident. As Chris Edmonds recently explained in SmartBrief on Leadership:

“Organizational cultures that are consistently high performing AND values-aligned do not happen casually — they happen intentionally. The leaders of these organizations understand that they must effectively manage employees’ heads, hearts and hands — not just one of those three. Leaders that focus on performance alone typically see their role as managing employees’ hands, not employees’ heads and hearts, as well.

“These organizations create a workplace culture where employees do the right things — using their heads, hearts AND hands — even when the boss isn’t around.

“[Ken] Blanchard’s experience and research identified the single foundational component of high performing, ‘great places to work’ organizational cultures. That differentiating component: values alignment, driven by senior leaders.”

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